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Marine 28
Create the perfect one
Create the perfect one
Create the perfect one
Create the perfect one
Create the perfect one
Create the perfect one

interior with GSK
Create the perfect one
your reliable partner in interior design
Visualizations and documentation
The documentation is built together with the model
You can walk around the interior at any stage of the design
each element
We can control the budget at the earliest stages of design
For quick renderings and artistic image search
Individual approach
and professional execution
Be inspired by our projects
and satisfaction: feedback on our work
He works out comments very clearly and accurately, Can find a common language with architects and workers, which is also important, They hear him, I strongly recommend
Marine 28
The visualization matches the photos. We are comfortable, comfortable, and cozy to live in an apartment that we made with the guys from GSK DESIGN, with Celestine. Thank you very much and prosperity!
About the people behind our projects
Celestine Tsyuchtsinsky
My main projects in life are my four children: two daughters and two twin sons. I am a happy person.

My name always arouses curiosity - "How? How? Tse-Le-Steen...." I am an ethnic Pole with strong family traditions; I am already the eighth Celestine, and my son is the ninth.

The name of our company is an abbreviation of "GEN-SIN-KAN", which translates as "the house of the northern soul". It's the name of the martial arts school that my father founded. Although I did not follow in his footsteps in sports, I always wanted to be involved in the family business.
Igor Korolev
For me, my two children, a son and a daughter, have become the main projects in my life.

In 2012, as students, we opened a studio. Her first location was in a room above a garage in the city of Yakutsk. A lot of time has passed since then, many mistakes have been made and many successes have been achieved.

It is important to remember that our journey was not only about striving for success, but also about our lessons and how we grow and develop. Every experience, every mistake has brought us valuable lessons that have helped make us stronger and wiser.
Our work process guarantees the creation of a unique and stylish interior
Each client comes to us with unique needs and goals that may be hidden or unclear at first glance.

Our main skill is the ability to listen carefully and understand these goals in order to create an architectural solution that not only meets expectations, but also helps to achieve the success of the project.
Starting with a simple outline, we transform our project into a detailed and photorealistic representation, achieving perfect accuracy and alignment with the desired
Flexible pricing solutions
Get the stylish and functional interior you've always dreamed of
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